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Fixed the wheel on my 32 today


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I got tired of looking for another good wheel so I fixed the wobble in my wheel myself.

I had a wheel that was 1 1/2" out of true and could not find anyone to fix it so I took a 7" chisel for a air hammer and cut off the chisel then snaded it down to a slight dome to not cut into the spokes, Then I ground flat the round edge of a hand tire bead breaker and filled a groove the same size as the spokes to use as a anvil when using the air hammer from the oppisite side.

I had two very bent spokes and this straightened them up enough to only have .040 out of true.

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It is a wire wheel. Had to move the air hammer into different places to get the spokes as straight as possible and was surprised how well it worked. A lot cheaper than trying to find and buy an old replacement that you dont know how good they are.

My wheels are at the powder coaters now, hope to get them by monday and get these new tires put on.

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