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Gas tank damage, mouse urine


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Well, as the old saying goes, it ain't mine, it must be urine......

Another reason to be vigilant about keeping mice out of your cars. This gas tank was just removed from an Avanti that had been sitting in a pole barn for 10 years or so. Mice made a huge nest on the gas tank, and the subsequent mouse pee in that area (very acidic) rusted out and ruined the tank.

Looking for a replacement tank, by the way.......


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Guest Jim_Edwards

Given the simple shape of that tank it would probably be faster and even cheaper to get a sheet metal shop to fab a new one using the remains of the old one for a guide.

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I agree, it might be easier to have one fabricated, but is someone had one sitting on the shelf then that'd be tempting too....

I had a gas tank fabricated for my 1910 Buick, great sheet metal shop, I went in with a drawing and told the guy I needed a gas tank fabricated. He said no, you need a water tank. No, I said, a gas tank. He said, listen, here's the deal, I CAN'T make you a gas tank, but I CAN make you a water tank....has to do with liability....WATER tank it is! and they did a great job, even "faked" where the original rivets were...

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