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connecting rods


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Hi Terry, how goes the battle?

Victory and Standard used the same rods which could have been ordered in many different undersize variations. DA and Victory engines had same bore and stroke but without looking into it further I would not take that as the gospel that they are the same rods.

Compare DA with the others and they carried different part numbers but all of that changed pretty drastically after Chrysler buyout so that means little.

Would take time to pin down a definite answer and maybe someone else here can come up with it quicker than I can.

Might help if you explained a little further what you are planning, are you in need of connecting rods and you just happen to have a spare Victory engine and a spare Standard engine available for parts ?

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The battle goes good Jason. How are things in the warmer part of the country? I am sorting out a box of rods that I have had for a long time. Eight of the rods have the number 210200 on them. That is a DA number for the forging. I also have a few that have AC 42118 on them. They look the same as the DA rods but the numbers do not match anything in the books that I have. The plan was to get a set of six rebuilt to put together a standard bore DA block that I have. Just wondering what the AC rods came out of. Terry

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A/C 42118 is interesting in that the DA preliminary parts book lists many of it part numbers with these two digit alphanumeric letters prior to the numbers. For instance although they dont give a specific connecting rod assy number ( they do however make mention that they supply the assemblies with standard and undersize crank pin-holes ) they do lists the connecting rod bolts with an AD 36044 number and as a comparison on the same page they list a flywheel dust cover assy with an AC 40426 number.

Looking/glancing in the Standard and Victory parts book they do not use these alphanumeric digits prior to the numbers.

I need to see I guess ( out of curiousity ) if I have a Victory preliminary parts book, pretty sure I dont have a standard pre.

If you dont mind me adding thet 210200 number that you find on the 8 DA rods that you have found would indicate they are undersize as well. I might have the ( prob do ) breakdown of what size they originally were sent as if there is an interest. Id have to find it but I am thinking I might not have to dig too deep for it if I do have it.

If it is possible Terry could you post a picture of the A/C rods and their number ( for location ) and the same with one of the 210 rods and note if the number appears in the same location on all of them.

Cant remember if you have posted pict. here before but you have my e-mail when you have a chance.

BTW is has been un-seasonably warm here, I do not like the cold one bit so no complaints here.

Hope this has helped and looks like we are in for another interesting thread.

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I had it backwards, I am able to find a Standard preliminary but I cant seem to find a Victory preliminary. The standards part numbers do not carry these alphanumeric part digits as the Pre-DA book does. ( neither does the Senior for the 28 model year )

I was at one point working on deciphering these codes ( within the Pre DA book ) along with trying to decipher the shipping or rather the discount rates that were given to dealers but laid it aside because of a lack of info.

I think I may need to update that again though as I think I may have enough to get me a little closer.

Those pictures would be a nice addition to what I have gathered

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Jason, Here are the photos of the two types of rods in question. The first picture shows the DA rod and the AC rod. The second picture shows the back of the AC rod. While dimensionally the same in bearing size and length, the transition of the I-beam section into the big end has a different shape. While not a big deal visually there may be a weight issue if the rods were mixed on a rebuild. I am just trying to find out what they were originally for. Thanks, Terry



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According to the book there were MANY different weight/size variations that could have been re-oredered once a car was in the shop for the repair. I KNOW you already know this but just to say it anyway rods should never get mixed in the first place, sets should remain as sets even if they are machined to weight in a set.

I dont seem to have anything more to add to this other than what I had mentioned in the post above ( thanks for the pics ) but if something comes up of course I will let you know. let me know what and when I can help on those bits you need for the spare engine we talked about.

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