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Reatta On 26" Wheels? Look if you dare...

Gary D

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designed by mazerati to compete with corvette o.O lol why would GM make a car to compete with it's biggest sports car. Btw dont forget to note the reatta with 26s has "peanut butter" interior. is it smooth or crunchy? :D

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The wheels may be an accident. Reading the ad indicates the owner may have a problem with English.

The tire company thought he said "26 inchers"and what he intended to say was "all i got is 26 just wash the winders"

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Guest Kitskaboodle
This is what looks good to a young man living in the bay area. To each his own

C'mon on now...were not all like that.

Besides, them 26's are expensive and I cant afford them right now. :)

Anyways, on another note that white one has been listed many times.

There is another one that is frequently on there that is even more outrageous

with multi-colored neon yellow & red interior. Most of these listing are from the East Bay, not South Bay (i.e East Oakland, Hayward, Martinez, Richmond, etc..)


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Hate to admit that I kind of like it!!

Speaks to the fact that if you have a new vehicle, there is nowhere near as much room in the wheel wellls as on a Reatta. I'm amazed that much wheel could get in there. But the space is now filled. Hey, it's got 16 ways.

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