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Zenith updraft carburetor


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I have a Zenith carburetor I bought years ago as a possible back up for a Rayfield carburetor on a large, early teens car. I never needed it. It is a heavy cast iron piece, top and bottom. Choke and throttle turn as freely as they did when new and the outside looks very nice. I have never been inside. The throttle venturi opening is about 1 9/16", and the mounting bolts are 2 15/16" center to center. No markings other than "Zenith, made in USA" and a 1 over the fuel intake on some sort of vertical housing with a brass fitting screwed into it.

Email for pictures. dstamp4@comcast.net $100 plus postage. ( It is heavy, 8-10# I am guessing.)

Carburetor is sold; Thanks.

Jim 43 Grantham, NH









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