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What are the largest diameter headlights ?

Guest Mark Rodgers

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Lucas P100 headlamps, optional extras on prewar Rolls Royce, Bentley and other luxury cars. Standard equipment on postwar Austin Sheerline. Austin specified these very expensive headlights in an attempt to put their flagship car in a class with Rolls, Bentley and Daimler.


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I was told my 1929 Graham-Paige 8 had the largest? but I would think there were larger? If I remember correctly, they are 12 3/4 inch lens, Hall Headlamps.


Hall supplied those exact same headlights on Springfield Rolls-Royce, Packard and other makes. They aren't as large as the Lucas headlights, nor as large as the Hall headlamps offered in 1930-32.

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Graham used the same headlights 1929 827-837 First Series (steel visor) and 1930 827-837 Second Series (glass visor). The 1930 First Series 127 and 137 (1931) are smaller and not made by Hall, they have a peak on the top that look like the Nash headlights of the same years. I can only speak for the Graham cars I have personally seen.

I looked up the P100 Lucas headlights on line but could not find a measurement....

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Guest stephen48

Lens diameter- 1;Cadillac 1930(some) 12 1/8 inch :2 & 3: Auburn 1928-30 11 1/2 , Franklin 1930 11 1/2. 4:Stutz incl Blackhawk 1930 11 5/16. 5 & 6:Windsor 11 1/4 and Cadillac 452 & 370 1930-31 11 1/4. 7: Packard some 1930-31 11 3/16.

Graham is 10 3/4 and Rolls-Royce 10 3/8.

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Originally Posted by Amphicar BUYER

My ex-wife had some large diameter headlights. They were from 1964.

Those can be the most expensive headlights one will ever come across!


There were indeed!

Ahhhhhh, yes. That's expensive alright. But were they chrome??? Dandy Dave!

Ummm, polished. :o (squeek... squeek.... squeek!)

Probably stainless....

See above. :)

That's good for at least one "Boo Hiss"

My job is done here. :)

I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming already in progress....

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Guest Mark Rodgers

Does anyone have a pair they want to part with ? It doesn't matter to me what condition they're in, I'm need them for a mockup project.

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Guest WindDancerCal
Got to be the 1930 Cadillac,


Hey guys I would Love to give a nice home to a pair of very large headlights!

I have a 31 Plymouth that needs to show her beautiful big eyes Please any Offers considered.

PM Please.

Love old cars


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