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VIN Decoding Help

Guest akcchieffan

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Guest akcchieffan

I have a chevy truck that I would like help decoding the VIN. If anyone could help decoding or tell me where I could go to do it myself I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks to anyone in advance for the help!

VIN CE149J853753

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On the earlier VINs, all you get is model (including 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive), model year, 6 cyl or V-8 (but NOT which V-8!!), cab/body style, wheelbase (and related length of the bed), plant it was assembled in, and the "sequence number". NO optional equipment list, which is a paper tag on the inner door of the glove box in the instrument panel. On the paper tag, ONLY optional equipment is listed, NOT a complete equipment list as a build sheet or later Service Parts ID label does.

From the back of the LMC Truck catalog's index area . . .

C -- conventional 2 wheel drive

E -- V-8

1 -- 1/2 ton GVW 3900lbs - 5800lbs

4 -- pickup

9 -- model year 1969

J -- Janesville

______ -- sequence number

There should be a separate "Body Plate" which will have the exterior color, the interior color, and type of interior trim (the interior trim code will define the fabrics/vinyl on the seat, plus "Bench seat" or "Bucket seats w/center console".

The model level will further define the interior items. Many CST (Custom Sport Truck) trim vehicles had a "headliner" piece in the center of the inner roof, with plastic trim around its perimeter. Plus the style of the door trim panels will be interior trim option level-specific as will be the carpet or one-piece rubber floor mat. Bucket seat vehicles get a sheet of floor carpet over the fuel tank, with a layer of jute insulation material stuck to the back of the carpet.

Take care,


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Guest Dick Whittington

NTX gave you all the info that is available for a 1969. It was not until later years, about 1972, that GM started putting a code for the engine size in the VIN

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