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1939 Buick Model 41 What's it worth??

Guest 68buickdude

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Guest 68buickdude

Hello to all,

I am curious as to your thoughts to what a vehicle as described below might be worth on the open market.

I realize that photos are worth a thousand words, but I can not figure out how to post photos here. I have plenty and will gladly email them to you.

Here's a description of the vehicle

1939 Buick Model 41 Runs great. Starts right up shifts smoothly, stops great. Car has original 6 volt electrical system. Receipts are available. Actual vehicle mileage is unknown. Bill of sale only, No title available.

New parts installed: Battery, water pump, radiator,radiator cap, freeze plugs, upper & lower radiator hoses,spark plug wires, spark plugs, point set, rotor,distributor cap, distributor vacuum advance. fuel pump,master cylinder.

Gas tank has been boiled out and coated with fuel tank sealer .New sending unit was installed. Fuel line replaced.

Rebuilt items: all 4 shocks from Apple Hydraulics, carburetor, brake system, rear deck mounted turn signal assembly and gasket.

Loose parts: radio, assorted chrome trim, 2 additional steel wheels, complete glass set, windshield glass gaskets, rear glass gaskets, spare set of headlight assemblies with original style bulbs and lenses. Factory shop manuals and paint chart. Also one quart of "lacquer" style paint that is still in liquid form. Sales receipt for that paint is dated back to mid 1970's.

Car seems to have what I believe is the original interior. I can see horse hair stuffing in the upholstery and floor mats/ carpeting.It needs to be replaced but is in remarkable shape for its age.

All the doors open and close with just a gentle push. All windows go up and down.

The vehicle's tires are shot. They are good enough for quick "neighborhood drives" .

The electrical system needs work. The generator puts out approx 8 volts and charges the battery. The wire harness has been hacked into over the years, and the original cloth wire covering is dry rotting away. The oil pressure

guage and the water temperature guage work. The fuel and charging guages do not work. The glove box door mounted clock does not work. The car has no working turn signals headlights, tail & brake lights.

The body is in good condition. I see no evidence of rust on the fenders, doors, hood, rear deck.

There is a section of rust through in the rear floor near the back seat on the drivers side. It is less than one square foot in area. The chrome on front bumper looks good. The rear bumper has two quarter size rust spots through the plating.The gas door needs to be remounted, and there is a small dent on the drivers side rear fender. The vehicle needs a repaint. The laquer finish that is there is cracked and starting to lift off the body.

The vehicle was caught on video just before I bought it. Follow the link: 1939 Buick Special barn find from Alabama - YouTube. Also

I have video of the car running . Look under 68buickdude in the search box any questions please contact me @ 68buickdude@gmail.com I could not successfully attach any photos. I have plenty of photos so please ask and I'll email them.

Thank you for your help.

Best to all,


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For graphics software to resize images (and much more) try IrfanView - Homepage - one of the most popular viewers worldwide. Free to download with many features. Easy to use.

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Its worth what some one will pay for it

Sadly likely to less than what you paid for it & the hard earned money you put into it.

Buick seem popular with hot rodders now. Guess all the Chev are gone

A assume image below is your car


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Guest Grant Magrath

In NZ, the demand for 30's cars seems to be reflecting the decline in the guys who are nostalgic for them, and this in turn, is showing up in the price, and how long they take to sell.



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So what do YOU think it's worth, you as owner?

We all know it ONLY TAKES ONE PERSON TO BUY IT, so finding that person is the fun/hard part. BEEN THERE, DONE THAT. It's NOT like when I closed our hardware store, and had a couple hundred thousand dollars worth of stuff to sell. LOL, True story though.

Dale in Indy

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