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FOR SALE: 1931 Marmon V16 Convertible Coupe by LeBaron

Matt Harwood

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Stunning #1 condition V16 Marmon, #22 of only 22 built and 2 or 3 known to exist. Complete frame-off restoration, with a known history from new. Fantastic running and driving condition, and ready to be competitive at any level.

Please inquire about the price.

More information and photos: http://forums.aaca.org/f119/1931-marmon-v16-convertible-coupe-lebaron-320558.html#post985722


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Guest 60electra225

Please include the following information in the body of your post:






Location (City, State, Country)

Contact Information (Name, Email and Phone)

EBAY URL if also listed on EBAY

Incomplete, overly commercial, or non-automotive related postings will be deleted without notice!

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If you look at all my other listings, I typically DO include the prices, but this is the kind of car where if you have to ask, well, you know how the saying goes. :)

Often times on high-dollar listings, the threads here meander into discussions about how expensive the hobby is getting, and often get deleted when things get heated, so I was trying to avoid all that. I don't want to be a lightning rod.

I've also found that at this level, the guys who buy the cars often don't want people knowing how much they paid, and I have to respect that.

That said, the list price is $549,900.

I hope to hear from you soon. It's a truly wonderful car!

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60 Electra 225,

Dude, the heading is 1931 Marmon v-16 Convertible Coupe and like Matt said, if you have to ask, you can't afford it. Matt she is a beauty!! I know its a bit semantic but that is not a Marmon V-16, it's a Marmon Sixteen. Howard was very explicit that the V not be used after Cadillac cobbled together a pair of eights in a clunky and cantankerous V-16 so they could beat the 200 HP, all aluminum revolutionary Marmon engine to market. Please recommend that whoever gets the car consider joining the Marmon Club. Our collective experience with the 392 Marmon 16 ever built is vast and the members phenomenal. We're taking our Sixteen to the Canton Ohio Mighty Marmon Muster this Summer after registering it as a DPC car at the Shelbyville TN national. I couldn't be more excited,

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I think the high dollar cars should be unofficially exempt from the asking price requirement.

In some instances, that happens anyway. There are a couple of other threads going right now, one's a Lagonda (it's for trade) and ones an older gentleman looking for offers on a Horch, and no dollars are mentioned in those....and not a complaint yet....

Matt is known and has some good ads on this site, and if I had been him, I'd still have kept it in the "if you have to ask" category!!

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Guest 60electra225

I do appreciate that this is a high dollar car, but equally, there is a forum rule that states what I posted. Or, is it like the celebrity that gets away with something just because they are a celebrity ? Rules are rules and are there to be respected. I have also posted the same thing for a $2,000 listing.

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The only nugget of information Matt left off of his initial post,besides price, was exact location in Ohio but as a VERY regular poster on the site, many knew where he was from and it is easily accessible info by clicking the link provided.

In answer to your question, yes celebrities get special treatment or at least increased tolerance as do no names and hooligans and miscreants, as long as their intentions are pure.... If you do buy the Sixteen, please take a look at the Marmon club, a great organization that extends across the majority of the English speaking world and many other places as well. Not bad for a club with under 300 members and less than 1000 Marmons in existence. You can also check us out on FaceBook,,,,

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