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A bone heaven

Dave Mellor NJ

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The Model A in the front is a AA truck, you can tell by the big brake drum, solid front bumper with "double" brackets and the headlamp that is dangling (it's painted with a stainless rim). What a great old photo, thanks for sharing it with us. I'd love to find an original Model A panel like the one shown here!

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Thanks for clarification, shows what I know about Model A .......oh well.................a friend of mine has a panel, in pieces, that he bought in the 60's....I called it a sedan delivery once and he said no, it's a panel ..... it's on the list of cars he's restoring, I think it's about 2 away!!

Actually, he wanted me to ask around about a wood kit for it, or patterns.... I'll get some more details and get the word out...

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