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foglight switch


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Guest Mc_Reatta

As has been said, it is the console accessory switch out of an 88 when the glove box was opened electrically and the fuel door and remote trunk release were located there so that the glove box didn't have to be opened to get to them.

Remember the 88 didn't have keyless entry including remote trunk unlock either. While there were locking cubbies behind the seats, the glove box couldn't be locked, and anyone gaining access to the car could gain access to the glove box, trunk and fuel cap. Certainly not very secure especially if your thinking about a convertible version.

It will bolt right in place in an 89 but will not function electrically without modification. An 89 only has one connector to this switch while the 88 had 2 to support all the switches. By repining the connector in the 89 and fudging a bit you can get the two functions in that location in the 89 (fog and headlight doors) working. If you want to get the others working you will have to run some additional wires to the back of the glove box to hook up the fuel door and trunk release switches.

Several folks have installed these switches in an 89 along with an 88 glove box.

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