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'39 Special Headlight Lens Part Nos?


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I am in search of the part numbers for '39 Special headlight lenses. I have two left lenses and they are different and I want to search for the correct lenses but don't know the part numbers of correct left or right. If anyone with a parts book could check and respond, I would really appreciate it.



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From the 1939 Shop Manual:

"The 1939 headlamp parts are not inter-changeable with past models"

From a McLaughlin Buick Book of parts 1938 - 1942 (I didn't realise it was McLaughlin until it arrived, but assume it's the same as Fisher):

Group 2.727

1938 Right 920492 Left 920491

1939 Right 923428 Left 923427

From 1940 it has a sealed beam.

The Guide Multibeam lens' on the car have these numbers:

Right patent 1950978 2033382 18

Left - the only number I can read is the last one -13 (the others seem almost polished out after 70+ years)

I have two spares which I thought were a pair but aren't:


1. No numbers other than Patent Pend 50

2. Patent 195078 2033382 - 13 (same numbers as the one on the car except for the last digits).

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Yes, we do! I belonged to the same car club as Terry when I lived in Wellington in 2002-2003The Early American Car Club. I wish we had a branch down here in Christchurch. Great bunch of guys. I took pictures of Terry's car while I was up there, but we never had a 39 back then. I was restoring my 39 Chev sedan, and my father had only just bought the 39 sedan.

Terry and his wife were kind enough to offer to help me out when I was desperate to find a place to stay for a couple of weeks while I finished my time in Wellington. A great bloke!



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Other years & brands (Chev, Ponti Caddy) do fit, but may not the same dome shape / reflective properties

More on the same subject here: http://forums.aaca.org/f165/1939-headlight-lenses-274237.html

It appears GM did not make RHD versions, which is usual as on low beam should light to right



New link  https://forums.aaca.org/topic/141520-1939-headlight-lenses/


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Thanks for the link and the information contained there-in, I do appreciate it. I need to pull the two left lenses I have and see if either is correct, then start the search. I also need to get the reflectors reworked, and fortunately there has been a thread about that very recently.

Thanks again,


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