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Mounting kick panels


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Guest outlaw car man

Old 26,

May help, I'm dealing with 33 tho, there is a hidden tack strip that the back edge has. ( facing back) . The windlace goes down, then the kick panel tack strip covers that and is tacked into place while sitting in the bottom channel.

Also I have sidemounts that will hold the center area in place-

It's 1933 but possibly close.

All you see is the kick panel. This is on the original car-

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On my 1926 we used the same card board backing for the kick panels as was used for the door panels - just not covered with material. They were cut using the original shredded kick panels as a pattern then tacked into place using upholstry tacks. A strip of hidem welt was used vertically where the panel meets the door opening. This is what the original panels had and they were attached with upholstry tacks. I hope this helps!





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