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Guest Jim_Edwards

It does seem they are a bit proud of what they offer. On the other hand it costs money to acquire, catalog, and warehouse maybe for years. Consider that the market is limited and the inventory could be described as anything but fast moving. They might just be financially better off had they invested in CDs instead of obsolete car parts.

One thing is for sure GM/Oldsmobile did not make most of the parts that went into their automobiles, ever. So the bit about genuine NOS is a bit of a myth in the beginning. Even the bit about being made to GM/Ford/Chrysler specifications may be a myth for a huge percentage of "factory" replacement parts. Designers and engineers, regardless of time period did a lot of selection of off the shelf parts from vendor catalogs and the service side of the business did a lot of repackaging with their part number to present the notion those parts were something special. They probably weren't.

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Guest pete324rock

I ahve noticed in the past couple of years that the prices for old olds stuff(50's for me) on ebay has gone thru the roof, just nuts. Recession? ...not. Used to be able to find bits and pieces along the way but no more.

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