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Still More Model T Parts for sale!!! Look inside...


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A 1926-27 fan with hub, shaft and bracket/water outlet. 55.00 ppd

A 1925 and earlier fan assembly with nice blades, hub, bracket, etc. 40.00 ppd

A 1925 and earlier fan hub with bracket, no blades 25.00 ppd-SOLD

Two accessories waterpumps in nice original condition, both turn freely without any extra slop. One is an MK brand and one is a Superior brand. 45.00 EACH ppd. Both are SOLD,

A set of three, non-demountable ear narrow transmission bands in really nice shape, they look like they were relined with woven lining many years ago and not used. 45.00 PPD-SOLD

A pair of narrow transmission bands with demountable ears. Very nice condition together with two new Scandinavian linings in box with rivets and a band removal tool. 50.00 all pr. ppd.-SOLD

A brass body/steel bowl Holley Carburetor, Pat'd 1914. Missing float, good for rebuild. 30.00 ppd-SOLD

A group of bendixes and parts. 35.00 all ppd.-SOLD

ALL ITEMS INCLUDE SHIPPING IN THE USA, I'll ship outside the US for more $. Located in Ann Arbor, MI. PAYPAL accepted. Email: motoringicons@hotmail.com or 734-730-4274











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