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CB Radio Cable for Rear Bumper Mount Antenna

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I know a lot of the guys use CB radios when touring. So, I thought I'd offer this cable here.

First off, let me state that this is enough coaxial cable (50') here to do two rear bumper mount CB antenna installations...and maybe three.

I have an as-new condition, 50' RG58U cable, with connectors mounted at each end, for sale. Great for CB rear bumper antenna set-ups. Berk-Tek brand, has low loss foam core. High quality 95% shield, 50 ohm impedance. Factory-installed connectors at both ends. Cut to your desired length, and then install a connector from Radio Shack on one end, as needed.

The price for the 50' cable, as pictured, is just $30, INCLUDING shipping anywhere in the U.S. Please post here, if you're interested in buying this item. Thanks for looking. John



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I'm sure something motivated you to post your comment on this "for sale" forum post, Dave. I'm sure you must have been trying to be helpful, and not negative.

However, you obviously haven't participated in a Buick Driving Enthusiasts (BDE) old car tour. This division of the Buick Club of America holds two national driving tours annually. About 60 Buicks typically participate in each tour. A CB radio is a MANDATORY item for all tour participants. The CB allows all cars in the touring groups to simultaneously communicate with each other....something that can't be done efficiently via cell phone. Plus, the CB radio conversation interchange is quite entertaining on these tours. But, I guess you would have to be there to understand, Dave. John

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