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1940 Buick, series 90 brake shoes


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O.K. all you "big car" guys,

I'm now looking for brake shoes (full set) and the attendent springs set for a 1940 Buick LTD, series 90L.

The shoes are 2"wide and run in a 14" I.D. drum.

I can have mine relined in Denver, by the same guys that did a fine job relining my clutch plate, but they said two weeks for all 8 shoes. Well it's winter anyway, but I thought I would ask for sources here too.

Sandy wanted to start a BIG CAR fourm of his own (he has two '33, 90's), and i've seen posts by several other "big car" guys. This might be the time to ask for another subdivision. Maybe i could find my "clutch equalizer" too. :confused::confused::confused:

Best regards,

Mike in Colorado



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