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Incredible Newsreel Resource!


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This is way too good to not share! Remember Bitish Pathé Newsreels back in the days before multiplex theaters?

They've recently put up a site with an incredible assortment of shorts in scads of categories, easily searchable.

I was looking for Lufthansa in the '30's, stumbled upon the 1929 Dornier DO-X Flying Boat, then found some

favorite ocean liners like the EUROPA, and only then started mining the Motor Shows and Veteran Car Rallys.

One search leads to another, like page after page of airships; check out the Goodyear Blimp landing on the BREMEN,

while she's underway at sea! Do you like Pan am Clippers? If you enjoy transportation in all its guises,

you won't be disappointed!

Best of all, museums (hint, hint), teachers, other institutions and individuals can register for added benefits and uses.

Happy hunting!


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