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Is this a Ford Quadricycle?

Dwight Romberger

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Hi all,

The caption with this photo said it was a 1890's quadricycle with Maxim machine gun mounted on it for an evaluation by the U.S. army.

Is it a Ford? The large flywheel is not visable and does the tiller looks a little different?

I have never seen a picture of any make Quad with fenders. I wonder if it was part of the army specs or just to keep his suit from getting muddy?



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Appears to be a DeDion style tricycle converted to 4 wheels by the addition of dual front wheels, with machine gun and armor.

Probably the most popular motor vehicle of the late 19th century was the French DeDion Bouton tricycle. It was widely copied and the DeDion motor was used in many other makes of motorcycle and light car.

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