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Guest Stefanm

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Guest Stefanm

I am searching for seat upholstery, headliners, floor carpets and door panels.

If possible, custom made!

Any suggestions?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>

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Guest Grant Magrath

If you're talking LeBaron Bonney, they'll send you free fabric samples and relevant stuff for whatever car you're after. We used them for stuff for the 39 coupe. They're pretty good!.



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I have used both,

And both are excellent.- But read on....

I had my interior redone with a Lebaron Bonny kit- just like original

When I had questions they were quick to deal with them the same day.

-Great service and quick shipping. :)


SMS - great product. but..................... if they don't have it you may wait forever.

I placed an order for interior fabric for my 1960 Invicta coupe in May 2010. They indicated it was in stock, but would take 2 weeks to ship. I urged them to ship sooner as the show season was coming up and I wanted to get it done soon.

Well its been 21 months and no product yet! They have NEVER called me with updates! When I call them (once a month for 7 months) I am told they ran out, and it is in the mill being produced. SMS indicates it should be a couple of weeks and they will contact me with an update in a week.

SMS has NEVER called me back with updates as promised. I paid in full 21 months ago and have received nothing!!!!! :mad:

I have SMS fabric in several BUICKS, nice stuff , But take my long lesson (that still isn't over!) as a warning. :confused:

- good luck, Steve

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We sent our interior code and photo samples to SMS. They said to get a decent size sample we would need to purchase it. When received, it was not even close. We wrote to them and they responded stating the sample they sent us was... " really, really close". Honestly. Not even close. Yes the color was black and silver but that's where the similarity ended. They then told us they would mill some up for us if we send in a sample. But after reading the above reply I really don't want to wait prepaid for months to get something. Had they been straight up and admitted what they sent me was not the correct actual print but a really, really close one, things might be different. I did not get a good vibe with all of that. So I will be checking on the other sources soon.

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Wise choice.......... ;) if you want to complete the car. Again SMS has great product, when the have it and if it matches! When I ordered my material I had then check stock , then paid for it. Well I am going on 21 months and no product yet. Every month SMS reports it is at the "mill" and will be ready soon. :(

I am glad I have fabric on my seat so I can use the car. It was the last thing I needed to complete it.

Again to all -SMS - BEWARE, if they don't have it - IT cold be forever.....

Good luck in finding good fabric.


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