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63 64 or 65 Riviera floor replacement?


How many have replaced floor pans in their 63, 64 or 65 Riviera  

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  1. 1. How many have replaced floor pans in their 63, 64 or 65 Riviera

    • Good experience? All 4?
    • Crappy experience? all 4?
    • Let "professional" do it?
    • Left it open to see road?

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My 65 Riviera is currently sitting in a shop where the front drivers floor pan was repaired this past week. I supplied my sheetmetal guy with a reproduction drivers side floor pan from (not so) Original Parts Group. After looking at the pan and the orignal floor contour he decided against using the repro pan for a couple of reasons. First, the ribs are quite different than the originals in that they are not as deep and second, there is no factory hole plug in the repro sheet metal (like there is for the big boy cars like GTO, Chevelle and Camaro). He said if he used the sheetmetal from OPG that it would stick out like a sore thumb as compared to the original passenger side floor pan and be easily detected by anyone looking at the floorboards in the future.

So, I got lucky. My sheetmetal guy actually replaced the small rusty floor section with the correct guage steel, rolled the correct ribs into the sheetmetal and retained the orignal oval body plug as well. Real classy.

The more parts I buy from the big guys the more I realize that I cant expect to get what I hope for.

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I replaced all four and a trunk, I learned how to weld sheet metal ,so I have a new skill (sort of) If I had to pay someone to do work on my car,that would be the end of my hobby.(Kind of like having a set of golf clubs and having someone hit the ball for you.) Thats just me. There is one thing that strikes fear in my heart...the black science of electrics !

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