1923 pierce arrow engine parts identify

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can any one tell me what these components are between the starter and the generator? I think this is a water pump, but what are the fittings on each side for and what is the little facet handles for?

also, can someone identify what all the knobs are for on the dash?


see attached photos.

also there is a vent? or speaker or something in the back right side wall, does anyone know what this is?







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In rotation, moving left to right and then down:

1) Knobs were originally labeled (1) Primer, (2) Rich/Lean, (3) L, (4) Double, (5) R, (6) Delco, (7) Head, (8) Aux, (9) Extra, (10) Hand Pressure Pump, and (11) Ventilator. I suspect 3-5 give the option of choosing single ignition on either side, or dual ignition (there are two separate distributors and two plugs per cylinder.

2) Intake air preheater pipe, presumably leading to the carburetor.

3) From top, the five arrows are (1) a warm-air inlet leading into the car (2&3) valve to drain the engine oil, and another valve to check oil level, (4) grease cup leading into whatever is underneath that cover (maybe a bearing at the end of the starter shaft), and (5) the cover itself.

(4) A grease cup used to lubricate the packing at the end of the water pump shaft

(5 and 6) warm air outlets inside the car.

I am certain of the knob identification, as I am looking at a factory photo. As for the others, I am basing these on my 1919 Locomobile, which is roughly same-era technology as Pierce Arrow.

How complete is this car, and what are your plans? These Pierces were powerful, high-quality cars in their day. Engine was 4.5" bore and 5.5" stroke, 85 horsepower to 1925 and 100 horsepower afterward. Four valves per cylinder. Unfortunately, the car in the photos looks like a daunting restoration. What body is it?

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The last two photos are not warm air outlets, it's an intercom for the chauffer. Ed

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17 hours ago, packardparadise said:

I know this post was from almost 7 years ago but curious if you still have the 1923 Pierce Arrow?

You'll have to send a private message or something. The original poster hasn't visited the site since October 2014. Go to the top right and click on the wee envelope and you can send a message from there.

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