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Fan Belt for my '40 LTD


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Hi All,

I'm looking for the "modern" replacement for my fan belt (Buick P/N 1312603) per my parts book.

One E-Bay seller shows a Gates # 627 as being equivalent.

My local "Carquest" guys are searching, but so far no results.

Just wondering what others did for a replacement ?

Mike in Colorado


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Hi, Mike. Always good to have a factory part #!!

The DAYCO belt number for your 1940 Buick, 90 series is 30500. The effective length is 50". The outside circum. is 50-17/32". The top width is 15/16", and the belt side angle is 40 degrees. This current Dayco belt is notched on the outside, which in my opinion looks like hell on an old car. But, maybe you can find an older 30500 that isn't notched.

The current GATES interchange for the Dayco belt listed above is TR30506 (from their truck belt series). This Gates belt has small notches on the inside, and doesn't look all the bad. The length and side angle aren't quite the same as the Dayco belt. You may want to look on the Gates website to check the specs out (Gates TR30506 is about 1/2" longer and a side angle of 36 degrees). Hopefully, this info will help. Best, John

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Thanks for the info.

Per another post, I finished up my valve lash adjustment today. Did it "hot and running" well mostly running anyway. Set them all @ .015" w/ exhaust a bit "looser" than the intake.

I pulled the fan belt and found it was a Gilmer # V-95. Wear pattern indicates that it's had full contact in the pullys. It measures 7/8" wide by 51" long. Don't know the angle.

There is a 70 year old belt listed on e-bay they say will fit (nos), but I don't think I'll go that way, for a "driver".

I'll check into your plan B though, and let you know my results.

Best Regards,

Mike in Colorado

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