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Heading South This Time!


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Ok, now I'm heading south! Not sure when (probably during the month of February sometime), but I should have plenty of room to bring lots of parts on the way down.

Heading to Atlanta area. VIA I-85.

I'll either be driving my '94 Roadmaster wagon, or the Ford E series work van.

Bumpers, fenders, door panels, tail lights, convertible top assemblies, trunk lids, hoods, seats, or anything else you need, I'm glad to take requests for, and put you on my list to notify when I plan to head out. It'll most likely be a two day (maybe 3 if I have a lot of deliveries) trip.

Let me know what I can do for you. Call me at 919.233.1973 or email at Marck@eastcoastreattaparts.com or send me a PM here.


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Heading out Monday February 20th bright and early. Taking the '94 Road master Estate Wagon with my utility trailer tagging along.

Please get any orders in by Satruday. I will be pulling parts all day and will be packing up Sunday.

My route will be going through Winston Salem, NC. Charlotte, NC. Spartanburg, SC. Greenville, SC. And Atlanta GA and surrounding areas.

Farthest I will be going will be to around Heflin, AL.

I may be taking a detour on the way home though Augusta, GA, Columbia, SC, and Fayetteville, NC if I have a requested part.

Let me know how I can help you. I am glad to help deliver and/or install any pieces you need.

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