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Don Hudd

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Hi all, on my '89 today the check engine light came on, showed code E 041 cam sensor. It went out , came back on once now is off. When I got home checked codes again, now E 041 show history but B 440 show current. This says Air mix door problem.

@ questions. 1. will it hurt to drive the car? It seems to be running fine. 2. What is Air mix door problem?

Thanking all in advance.


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driving it isnt harmful. Ronnie's site also has a guide to fixing the 41 code also. The cam sensor magnet has fallen out of the timing gear. If the car has over 100k then i'd recommend just replacing the chain set and ordering a new magnet. If it's got less there's a trick to replacing it without removing the timing cover but honestly removing it isnt that hard either. There's alot of room infront of the engine and same under the engine just drop the pan and pull the cover and a few hoses off. Pretty simple.

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If the magnet falls out my experience has been the "error" display appears as soon as the car starts and the 41 is current. If becoming history there may still be some in there or the sensor may be failing. First step is a visual: remove the sensor and use a mirror to see what is in there.

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