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British license plates

Guest bigtoyz

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Guest bigtoyzII

I have a '67 jag XKE i am hoping to have back on the road soon. I want to use the original long & narrow type of license plates on the car. I believe MN will accept them as antique license plates for the car. Can anyone suggest where I might find a pair of matching (preferably 1967) british license plates?

Thank you.

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And it looks like you can use year of issue plates in MN. Here is a link.

DMV, Sample and YOM License Plate Registration Information from TurnerPlates.com

As I read the link in John's post MN requires the use of MN plates. In fact it would be almost absurd if other jurisdiction's plates were allowed.

At any rate, if you want to put British plates on your car be advised that in Britain the owner was assigned a registration number for the car, and they then had the plates made up for it according to the regulations at that time. That number, and the plates, stay with the car until it is junked/retired. You can purchase authentic plates in any number combination you want from numerous LBC (Little British Car) vendors, for instance see: Products and Accessories.

Wikipedia has a very good discussion of authentic British car registrations and the plates that were used. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vehicle_registration_plates_of_the_United_Kingdom

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To be a bit pedantic, the plates are assigned to the car but if you wished to put them on your next car or even sell them then you can transfer the number and another 'age related' plate will be issue for the original car. If you plan to sell the number, then the easiest way is to put the number on 'retention'. Once on a retenion slip they can be bought and sold or assigned to another vehicle. All of this is a nice little money maker for the government.


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