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Posi and low ratio for 65 Wildcat

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Mine is sold. Hard to find and not sure about inter-changeability between the Riviera 3.08 and 3.42 posis and those for full size Buicks. They are out tere. There are 1-2 on V8Buick.com now. Be prepared to pay. One is $500.00 and most are $350 to $1000.

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I see a couple for sale over on v8buick but they refer to them as GM 10 bolts, is that what I have ? They apear to be the "Tin hat " type diff

I don't think so. Ted Nagel and some others are experts on the posis.

Also, get a sign on to V8Buick.com and go to the gears section. There is a guy there signed on as MONZAZ that is an expert.

The 10 Bolts I think are for the Skylarks.

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MONZAZ has one for a '66 for sale on TeamBuicks.net. Says it's for a '66 only because of "equal size carrier bearings?" No ring and pinion, and he doesn't specify any series. Can you find a '66 rear end for your '65?


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