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What is this for?


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One of these located at the top rear outside corner of the 1919 Touring body. I suspect they have something to do with fastening the bottom top boot straps? or have something to do with folding storing the touring top?

Could someone comfirm or clarify the use?

Also attaching a photo of my new top bows :) Took me a long time but they fold an stack with the outside rear edge right at 0 degrees. Didn't paint them because my wheels are also 'natural'. Don't have the heart to put 1000 staples in them right now. So no top in the future.

Need my top saddles mounted, gas guage, front bumper....and drive it again. It has not seen the road for a long time.



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I see it now. Mine has the same but long ago covered with upholstery. My guess would be that it is there to hold down straps from the rear top bow. Mine has the straps but they are fastened more to the right into the wood. I would also like to know more.

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There is a triangular shaped metal piece sewn to the two main top supports (fabric which runs from header bow to the back of the body) which are installed before the top material is installed, these straps locate the bows and also removed the stress from top material and tacking strip when the tops were raised and lowered more frequently back then than today. Steve

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So these were for fastening the top 'webbing' to the rear of the car? That would allow for adjustment for squaring-up the top and getting the tension just right. It is funny that you can see the string and some of the straps that I was using to do the same thing!

Like vergil my existing top webbing was just stapled directly to the rear seat back wood. Just overthought it, I guess.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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I took a look at the old original top from my car today and found that the two straps in the back don't run to the front and are made of heavier material than the other straps which were just made of top material turned inside out. I posted some pictures of the parts and you can see that mine were repaired at some point in the past. In the pictures you can see the three straps that are connected to the rear bow.

Your bows look great along with rest of your touring, I wish my car looked this good. I'll be looking for a new rear bow when I restore my top along with some other parts. Hopefully we can make the Anniversary in 2014. If I can help with any dimensions or questions just let me know.








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Those bows do look nice!

I had to have a header made for my '24 roadster.

I found a company here in Albuq. that makes stair bannisters.

They used 18" oak strips, steam bent them and then laminated

them together. I was skeptical at first, but it made a nice solid

assembly. I noticed the Ford boys offer laminated bows for some of

the V-8 open cars, so that took the edge off the hesitation to use

a laminated header.

It is in place, solid as a rock, and yes, lots of chiseling, shaping and

drilling to get it right, but I, too, learned a lot about how tops were

manufactured in the day.

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A good friend of mine made a jig years ago to make DB top bows using 1/8" strips and laminating them. He loaned the jig out, and unfortunately it is still in possesion of the borrower, it has been said several times that the lender can pick it up any time. :( Both are very nice people but don't ya think it should come home on it's own?

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I guess I forgot to get to my point. The laminated bows work very well, just like laminated beams in a building. Quite strong and never have the tendency to want to return to it's original straight state like a steam bent bow tries.

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When I was searching for someone to make the bows the laminated bows were intriging but at 4x the cost and not knowing if I was in over my head I went with steam bent.

Regarding the jig, as long as ownership is clearly established and the owner is ok with the arrangement, then it should be fine. Sometimes you have to retrieve your stuff. It's an awkward situation but it is easier to just get it over with instead of it eating at you.

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