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64 Wildcat Convert engine ID

Guest garys64wildcat

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Guest garys64wildcat

Hi All,

I found a 64 Cat convert that has been parked in dry storage for about 2 yrs.+ It is yellow (repaint) with black buckets with consol and fairly new top. It needs several things to get it right. Its for sale due to the present owner moving to Ca and cant take the car.

He bought it to restore, along with a 68 Chrysler Newport Custom 2 door HT and a 65 Ford truck with 351 V8. that needs a bed. If there is any interest in any of the vehicles let me know by PM.

The Cat convert has the 401 with the engine code which is:confused:

2-I-169072 on left and 412007719 on RH side, My 64 Cat has the LW code which is 65 425 V8 where the code is on the block. And this has a serial No.

It seems that it could be a 62 motor, but not sure. It runs good and started up after 2 years w/o any problem,

He wants 4K for the Cat. obo. He hasnt any prices for the other 2 vehicles, but he cant take them with and he leaves very soon and they will be left at my sons shop in Lynnwood Wa

Thanks Gary

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2I = 1962 V8 401, 10.25:1, 424 lb-ft torque, 280 HP, 2V carb, Wildcat 410 on air cleaner, used in Lesabre

169072 = date code


4 = LeSabre

I = 1962

2 = South Gate, CA

007719 = sequential production number unique to that particular car, starting at 001001 for each plant

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<TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 width=300 bgColor=#ffff99><TBODY><TR bgColor=#c0c0c0><TD>Block Cast #</TD><TD>Year</TD><TD>Displacement</TD></TR><TR><TD>1169334</TD><TD>56-59</TD><TD>322</TD></TR><TR><TD>1173201<!--c--></TD><TD>57-60</TD><TD>364</TD></TR><TR><TD>1172889<!--c--></TD><TD>60</TD><TD>401</TD></TR><TR><TD>1174372</TD><TD>57-58</TD><TD>364</TD></TR><TR><TD>1185484</TD><TD>59-60</TD><TD>401</TD></TR><TR><TD>1185404<!--c--></TD><TD>61-66</TD><TD>401</TD></TR><TR><TD>1185485<!--c--></TD><TD>61-66</TD><TD>401</TD></TR><TR><TD>1196546</TD><TD>61</TD><TD>401</TD></TR><TR><TD>1196547</TD><TD>61</TD><TD>364</TD></TR><TR><TD>1340146</TD><TD>63-66</TD><TD>425</TD></TR><TR><TD>1346046</TD><TD>61-66</TD><TD>401</TD></TR><TR><TD>1349046</TD><TD>62-66</TD><TD>401</TD></TR><TR><TD>1354704</TD><TD>63-66</TD><TD>425</TD></TR><TR><TD>1354713</TD><TD>64-66</TD><TD>425</TD></TR><TR><TD>1354714</TD><TD>64-66</TD><TD>425</TD></TR><TR><TD>1364704</TD><TD>63-66</TD><TD>425</TD></TR><TR><TD>1364705<!--c--></TD><TD>64-66</TD><TD>401/425</TD></TR><TR><TD>1364707</TD><TD>63</TD><TD>425</TD></TR><TR><TD>1364714</TD><TD>64-66</TD><TD>401</TD></TR><TR><TD>1390972</TD><TD>1953</TD><TD>322</TD></TR><TR><TD>1391629</TD><TD>1954 dyna.</TD><TD>264</TD></TR><TR><TD>1391753</TD><TD>1954</TD><TD>322</TD></TR><TR><TD>1391871</TD><TD>1954 std.</TD><TD>264</TD></TR><TR><TD>1392101</TD><TD>1955</TD><TD>322</TD></TR><TR><TD>1392102</TD><TD>1955 std.</TD><TD>322</TD></TR><TR><TD>1392290</TD><TD>1955 dyna.</TD><TD>322</TD></TR><TR><TD>1392291</TD><TD>1955 dyna.</TD><TD>322</TD></TR><TR><TD>1392586*</TD><TD>1956 dyna.</TD><TD>322</TD></TR><TR><TD>1392734</TD><TD>1956</TD><TD>322</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

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Maybe the block was bad and they just replaced the block and used the crank, intake, carb, flexplate, etc. from the '64 engine. The numbers provided are decoded correctly, but there are many explanations of how a '62 block could end up in a '64 car.

The 9 digit serial/VIN was used from 1954-1964 and the 13 digit serial/VIN was used from 1965-1980 with a minor change in 1972. For 1957-1964 the car serial and the engine serial match and for later engines, the engine serial is the same as the last 8 digits of the car serial, except sometime (1969 maybe) GM started putting an extra digit at the beginning of the engine serial to indicate the division (4=Buick). For 1959 and later nailheads, the stamped production code is a more precise way of identifying the engine than the casting numbers. In this case the production code is 2I. Here is a list of all of the production codes:

V8Buick.com By: Tri-Shield Performance - View Single Post - How you tell the difference bet. a 401 or 425

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1954 was the first year a letter was used to indicate the year. Here is a list of the year and the corresponding letter code:

1954 = A

1955 = B

1956 = C

1957 = D

1958 = E

1959 = F

1960 = G

1961 = H

1962 = I

1963 = J

1964 = K

1965 = L

1966 = M

1967 = N

1968 = P

1969 = R

1970 = S

1971 = T

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Guest garys64wildcat

:(I checked this out myself and I think the former owner had changed the motor and it looks as the car has the 62 dynaflow. Not my choice but its there. I found some paper in the trunk that had my name and address from 17 yrs ago looking for parts and also to have motor rebuilt or changed and a pic from 95 when it looked good. But time and poor upkeep took its toll on a rare car. Ive had my 64 Cat Convert since 1979. I hate to see a car being left to the elements and poor maintence. If any one want pics. PM me with email and I will forward them. Thanks Gary

Ok, Kids, that doesn't make any sense that a '64 Cat would have a '62 engine, as the '62-3 Nailhead would have to have a dynaflow behind it, so you need to go back and study some number some more, I think!
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