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Vintage Literature Collections - Sales Brochures & Owner's Manuals 1900-1970

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I'm interested in purchasing larger collections (20+ pieces minimum) of quality vintage automotive sales brochures, owner's manuals and related items. All pieces must be between 1900 and 1970 and in good to excellent condition for their age (exceptions for rarer / more interesting items).

I am located in Toronto, Canada, but have bought and sold thousands of sales brochures online as a hobby for over 7 years. I can pay via Paypal in U.S. funds and, if possible, I believe the safest way to set up an online transaction is through an eBay buy it now listing. However, I am open to other secure purchase methods. I am happy to pay shipping. I pay fair wholesale prices for larger collections.

If you have a literature collection and are looking to sell, let me know what you have - maybe we can make a deal.



Please note that I am not looking to purchase the following items at this time: Single pieces, Magazines & Magazine Ads, Reproduction brochures, Heavy Shop Manuals, Chilton and other Repair Manuals (But thanks for offering!).

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Guest Grandpa Marc

Hi,I have a lot of what you are looking for.There is much to much to list it all.Please send me a list of all the specific items you are wanting and price you are willing to pay.Hope I can be of help.Best regards,Grandpa Marc.P.S. you can email me at .......folsmont@hughes.net I have photos of a lot of it.

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