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'57 Roadmaster $45


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1957BuickRoadmaster 2-dr. hardtopRed/Black; Wht Int.AMT/Friction MotorExcellent, no cracks, scratches or warpage of body or windows; rear bumper - slight warpage $ 45.00 NOT MINE, go here > http://forums.aaca.org/f189/1950s-promo-models-319624.html#post980490

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Guest Rob McDonald

Oh man, I paid $75 for my Roady. Geez, I guess I should have held out for a better deal. Mind you, mine is full-scale and doesn't have a warped rear bumper.

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Guest wildcat465

I guess I will be one of those anal guys that HAS to say this.

His 52 Ford is the only true promo. All of the rest are described as frictions which were sold in toy/hobby stores without the factory paint jobs that a TRUE promo would have. Often frictions are priced as promos so buyer be aware, the value is not the same.

Whew, got that off my chest, I feel better. Resume conversation please. :)

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