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Rear brakes from scratch

Guest BrookridgeFarms

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Guest BrookridgeFarms

Ok, trying to put together a 9x2 brake shoe rear brake set up ( same as Hudson Jet ). I know the MC is Wagner FE-2693 ,,Wheel Cylinders Wagner D4664

SO,, will any shoe that is 9x2 work as long as all the holes for everything are in the right places ?

Also I know the Wheel Cylinders are 15/16

can any 15/16 WC work as long as the ends are correct ?

How are MC's actually matched to WC 's ?

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Guest De Soto Frank

Usually, bore sizes are calculated based on a number of variables, including the diameter of the drum, length and width of lining, whether the brakes are "Self-energizing", weight of the vehicle, and weight distribution front & rear, and probably some others.

Back in the era of Hudsons, where most vehicles had the same diameter & width drums front & rear, the traditional desired 60% front / 40% rear brake bias was achieved by having larger bore wheel cylinders on the front wheels and smaller at the rear.

As for shoe compatibility, not only do the "holes need to be in the right places", the various lugs and force points need to be in the correct places too ( where the piston / pin contacts the shoe, where the shoe meets the anchor pin, etc.).

And the curvature of the shoe & lining needs to match that of the drum, for best performance.

You mentioned Hudson Jet - is that the vehicle you're trying to "create" brakes for ?

(I'm assuming you're trying to solve a parts availability problem ? )

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