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1912 Model 36 Where is it (try again)


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1912 Buick Model 36 Where is it now?<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

<HR SIZE=1>Back in 2008 I posted this in general forums "our cars and projets" thought I'd try it here with the pre war Buick guys. Unfortunately, I still have not found the frame number. With the few of these that survived someone must remember buying this from Dragone Classics of Bridgeport, CT back in 1993.<!-- google_ad_section_start -->

I have posted some photos of photos (link to brassauto) Classic Autopart Reproduction Service of a 1912 Model 36 Roadster that I purchased when I was in my late teens and had joined The Navy(1988-89). I purchased this car for $9500.00 and the fellow I bought it from allowed me to pay out on it. After paying out for a while, I sold my 1931 Ford A coupe to finish paying for the Buick. I was so proud of this car coming home with me on the back of a flat bed. I set about to disassemble

and catalog the parts. The engine had previously been overhauled, but never run. The hood was a reproduction. It had a set of reproduction brass headlamps- they were for Buick but we weren't sure if Brass was correct for the '12. We also weren't sure if this was a '12 or late '11. The radiator shell was painted black. I do not remember the

frame tag number, I may have it written down but cannot find it now. We also were not sure if the rear lamp was correct. Otherwise the car was original and untouched. the driver's side suffered moisture damage as you can see on the lower fenders because it had been parked along side a stone wall or foundation for some time before the man I bought it from had

purchased it. The spring shackle pins had suffered alot of wear,presumably from dusty roads and lack of maintenance. The magneto was a Splitdorf and the coil box was there, but missing the key. I remember under the box cover was list of do's and don'ts and one said "do not dissect the magneto unless you are an expert as we put the right number a wheels in it when we build it". I plugged away slowly and did not have too much time to work on it. In 1993 after I left the Navy I was compelled to sell the car due

to some poor planning, at a ridiculusly low price to Dragone's of Bridgeport, CT. Later I once called them,and the car was apparently sold to an overseas buyer. I wonder if anyone knows the fate after that? Hopefully it found a good home. Does anyone know of this car today?

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