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My Coupes


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I was bored and it was a rare sunny day in the PNW so I snapped a picture of my 2 coupes. The other one is a fairly rare 91' Volvo Coupe, the last year they produced it so it has some changes that the other 780's didn't have. It is my winter car and it has held up surprisingly well after all of these years. It has it's quirks as do most all Volvo's :)

My 88' coupe has also held up fairly well. With a bit under 69k it is running great but I need to address some electrical issues this summer. I have a short somewhere that blows out one of my 20 amp fuses. The one that controls the trunk and also the lights behind the dash buttons. Also today I noticed that the side mirrors aren't working. Same fuse? Oh well, if it isn't one thing it is always something else with these cars!


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Guest Mc_Reatta

doity, bet you will find the source of your fuse problem in the splice in the orange wires in the channel under your driver's seat. Think your switch button back lighting issue is something else.

Recian, if the labels on the hard buttons on your CRT light up, and or the fog light and headlight door switches light up in your console accessory switch, you probably need a new dash inverter.

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