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37 Ford frame

Guest 42gpw

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Need measurements for a fordor sedan frame. My frame is toast and missing sections. If someone has a frame diagram I want to try first to build my own.

Thanks for any assistance,


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If you go to the site below from Wescott Auto you will find a full diagram of the 1935 to 1940 frame which are basically are all the same apart from brake rods /cables/hose holes etc to suit the different years and different X member gauge for the convertables and pickups.

This is the only site on the internet which shows Ford frames and their dimensions.


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I can not even put into words how grateful I am for you posting the website. I have spent hours on the internet and that website has never come up.

I have a dear friend in Heathote, Victoria that is restoring a 1941 WWII Script Willy Jeep. He has been invaluable in my restoration of a 1942 gpw Ford jeep.

Again, thank you.

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