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Today's ebay funny


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He does sell a ton of stuff, he isn't alone in what most of us call HIGH PRICES. There is a Buick guy that advertises on Ebay a lot, and his prices are very high too, but it just takes ONE buyer to really WANT/NEED the item, then it's SOLD. l bought a 1942 front Buick bumper lic plate cross bar on Ebay for $20.00, he has two for sale, over $200.00 each, and no takers for months.

There is a fellow that for months if not a couple years advertised a 41 Buick grill center piece, it's in DRIVER condition, he says it is a very rare part, it ISN'T. often three or four are listed, but he is just waiting on that one buyer.

Oh, well, each to his own.

Dale in Indy

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The high price sellers are trolling for the guys doing restorations as a business. If a professional restoration shop only needs a few parts to finish a customer's car they'll pay the high price just to get the part. To a shop time is money, they don't have the time like an amateur restorer who can wait a year or longer to find that one part at the right price. Also, the customer isn't going to want to wait and have his prize possession sitting in a restoration shop while show seasons come and go. Let's face it, if you can afford to have a professional restoration shop do your car a few hundred bucks isn't going to matter all that much.

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