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1939-1947 Dodge 1/2 - 3/4 ton Truck

Guest changdam

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Guest changdam

Looking for a Dodge truck that is in a decent enough condition to restore. I found a 1 ton in Illinois with a restored engine, but I would really rather prefer to get a pickup instead. I'm still pretty new to automobiles beyond driving the one I have, but luckily my friend's father is into restoring old fire trucks and is willing to help me with this project.

Key Points:

- original engine (inline 6)

- 4 speed preferred

- pretty complete body with no major rust-through holes

I would like to restore it to a somewhat original condition, varying only when I have to and painting it a two-tone red and black. My plan is to use it as a daily driver and offload my 2000 Ford Focus wagon to someone else. I realize the difficulties that will arise in terms of restoration complications and parts replacements in the future, but I am ready to commit to this project (please do not feel the need to dissuade me from my pursuit).


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Guest m110576

I have a 47 1/2 ton that I am in the process of redoing the axles and all to get in a good rolling condition. It turns over and body is in excellent condition. It was a montana truck and has never seen salt. Interested? Best offer...

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Guest changdam

I actually ended getting one near where I live, but it's going to require a lot of work, so I'm still looking for something in better condition.

Do you have photos of it available for me to check out? Where's it located?

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