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57 Super engine dynaflow and rearend

Guest kiwi56r

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Guest kiwi56r

I'm upgrading the running gear on my 57 so the old stuff is for sale. The rearend has new wheelcyls and shoes, the dyna flow I replaced just a few hundred miles ago and is from a 40,000 mile 59. I dropped the pan and it really did look like it was genuine milage with very clean fluid no sludge at all in the pan. It drives perfectly!! The engine is a good news bad news deal,it is a good runner (4barrel) but. The bad news, I recently developed a leak in one of the freeze plugs (drivers side) so replaced all 6 in the block and while doing that I discovered a fairly big crack in the water jacket on the passengers side running lengthwise below the center freeze plug. Surprisingly it is not leaking as it is easily visable. With new plugs it is not losing any water,really its not! I'm not trying to say its a perectly good engine and it is whats spurred me into putting a 425 in it but hopefully it can still be of some use to someone. Price wise I'm not to sure, I paid $325 for the dynaflow and feel I got a really good deal after driving it. The engine????? I have been told the 4V inlet manifold is desirable..... and the rearend, well I don't see many people queing up for them;)

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