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Firstly thanks to the guys for helping me identify the 425 (see my earlier thread). It was supposed to be a good runner, well the guy was half right,it is a runner! It started right up but it has a lot of crankcase blow-by but no nasty noises. So I bougt it anyway once we negotiated a better price, I bought the motor gearbox and rearend all to go in my 57:D so thats my new winter project!! The pics are of the donor 65 Wildcat and a few of the other cars he had laying around,he has about 200 in total with a leaning towards Pontiac











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Ran when parked eh?? Seriously though glad it turned out. I drove 4 hours one way to look at a LeSabre convert. Owner did say the body was rough, well, so was the interior, engine, you name it, it needed repair or replacement. First red flag was he was kind enough to warm the engine before my arrival.. It did fire up, but had, lifter noise and ran very rough. The deal breaker was when I put my finger through the frame, there was nothing to negotiate.

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