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Model T & A Main Caps that failed, after New Babbitt Jobs.


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This Post shows caps of babbitt jobs, that are all do overs in 50 to 500 miles, and some twice. I didn't take pictures of the blocks, as I didn't think I would be using them, or the caps as a Picture reference. The blocks look about the same anyway, besides, there is always more to come in.

Even being all Ford caps, these are representative of any, and all bearings.

Picture No. 1 is of an Original Ford Babbitt Job, that has lasted 83 years.

Pictures 2, 3, & 4, are of a Model T , got 50 miles on it before it went bad. You can see where the babbitt, did not stick to the Tinning, as there is still carbon, and rust, on the saddles. Many of You-Tube videos have shown the saddles being cleaned up for tinning by a would be babbitter, that are putting out babbitt jobs every day, that look like this. The videos show the babbitter cleaning with a grind wheel, or a wire wheel Brush, It Just Doesn't Work. Nothing sticks to dirt! Not even Red Greens Duct Tape.

Pictures 5 & 6, show another set of Model A Ford caps that was done last summer, and lasted 2, to 300 miles. Lead babbitt, and the babbitt is not stuck to the tinning, and the rear cap of cast iron, NOT Peened, and nice oil grooves A.

Pictures 7 & 8 Show a Very well known Rebabbitters, rear Model A Main cap that was his second try, and neither lasted a 100 miles, the center , and rear block main were out also. The babbitt was not peened in the block, or rear main cap, and by the color and dark, and light spots, the babbitt is a mixture, of Tin, and Lead Base from old rods, and Mains that were melted out, and the babbitt used over again, as tin base is still, I think at 22.00 dollars a pound, with shipping.

Picture 9, again this Model T Motor front, and center cap, poured, and not cleaned. You could take these caps, put tinning compound on, and it would look like a beautiful job of tinning, but the babbitt you pour, would still not stick to the cap.

Picture 10, Model A rear cap done about in July, got 450 miles on it. The block mains were bad on 2 & 3 again. I have 2 more pictures of this cap, that one shows a plugged oil pasage with RTV, and I knocked out the oil plug, and the oil pipe had babbitt in it, and the pipe was screwed in to 1/4 of the bole, and should have been drilled out.

thanks Herm.











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I've seen the rear mains in a Model A Ford's come apart as pictured in photo 8 more than once. There is some crude work going on out there in the world. It is nice to see you posting the rights and wrongs Herm 111. I poured a new rod bearing for my 15 buick several years ago. So far so good. Like you said, cleanleness and temps are very important. Dandy Dave!

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