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Membership cards.... what practical purpose do they serve in this modern age? In my 47 years a member I have been asked to produce mine only at the AACA Museum, period. It costs a bit to print it, but scads more to mail it out. Why not consider saving the bucks, canning the card, and providing for a hard copy or digital roster at any event where proof of membership would be required? One less stuffer for the wallet too!

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This is far more complicated then I have time to explain on the forum. The club is in fact using new tools in most of what we do. After the new website goes up that will start to be evident. You bring up an issue which we have looked at in the past as other alternative ways have been suggested. We will continue to look at doing something more cost effective with membership cards as you are right they are expensive to process. A printed roster does not work as our membership changes daily. Right now with issues that some of our regions (like Hershey flea market) have and security for our servers we do not have a solution but as time goes by we probably will have new methods. Thanks always appreciate hearing better ways for us to do things!

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