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65 engine codes


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I am going to go and look at a 65 Riviera this week. The owner claims it to be a non GS but factory dual quad car.

I know there are codes stamped into the engine that will designate whether it is a dual quad engine or not.

Can anyone give me a listing of codes used on the 65 engines, so I can determine if in fact the claim is true.

Thank you


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In 1965, there were 34,586 Rivieras built:

Standard engine: LT 401 (1x4) = 28,467 units

Optional engine: LX 425 (2x4) Gran Sports = 3,808 units

non GS = 454 units

Optional engine: LW 425 (1x4) = 2,311 units

All '64 and '66 Rivieras had the 425 as the standard engine.

Some 64's had the KX (2x4) engine.

Only 179 '66's had the MZ engine (2x4 from the factory)

Other '66 MW engines might have the dealer installed 2x4 set up.

Standard MW '66 engines had a Quadratjet carburetor rather than the square bore Carter AFB or Rochester 4GC that came on the 63 - 65 models.

In '63, there were 37,399 401's, and 2,801 425's

All of these production figures and more are on the Riviera Owners Website in the Articles in the Riview link. www.rivowners.org

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Let us know if the vin# on the block matches the vin# on the door jamb. It is likely it my have been ordered with the "LX" engine. Also, the 2x4 setup was available through the dealer as a package to be added on by the service dept.

I remember finding a 2x4 engine in a salvage yard many year ago. It was in a '65 Electra. I was quite suprised to find that when I opened the hood.

Good luck,


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Guest belair62

New member here and I just came across this non GS thread while browsing around. I bought an A8 non GS dual quad 65 Riviera in 1973 that I owned until 1983. Always garaged and never driven in winter etc. I am now desperately trying to find my old Riv. I sold it to Loren Buick in Glenview Illinois in 1983 and it was sold from there once again. Last I can figure is it was located in northern Illinois up until 2 years ago. The trail dies there. I still have the POP for my old Riv and the VIN is 494475H927866. It had the paque on console which read "Custom Built for Don McDermott". Shell beige,custom saddle interior and a dealer installed brown vinyl roof. It also had a set of 3 very unique Airguide gages mounted on the console. Just wondering if any of you Riv fans have ever heard or seen anything like this car.


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