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1955 Ford Thunderbird

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We've had this car on offer for quite a while, and the price has obviously been too aggressive at $39,900. We spoke to the owner the other day and he's very motivated to sell, so I told him I would see about getting some offers. He's spent A LOT more than that to get it to its current condition, that's for sure.

It's a completely rust-free California 'Bird that was delivered new in Pasadena and lived most of its life there. I don't think it has ever had a frame-off restoration, but it was repainted in its original Raven Black a while ago and looks simply stunning. I figured the paint was fresh, because it's completely unmarked, which is a testament to how well maintained this gentleman's cars are. The hood has been repainted more recently, due to damage from a previous shop slamming the hood on an incorrect air cleaner that didn't...quite...fit... A lot of the chrome is new, as well. Visually, the car is spectacular with exactly zero issues.

At any rate, the engine has been fully detailed for show. The top end was rebuilt using replacement heads to rectify cracked valve seats, which is apparently common with these engines, and it runs perfectly today. NOS voltage regulator, correct intake, carburetor, and air cleaner installed, then generator still makes 6 volts with an Optima battery hidden inside a reproduction case. Equipped with an automatic transmission.

The black and white interior and black canvas top are both all-new as well. The owner is a tall fellow, and he doesn't fit very well in the car, which is why he's selling it, but the interior is simply gorgeous. Everything works, including the radio and clock, which has been converted to quartz movement. The original hardtop (non-porthole in 1955) is included, and is in original, presentable condition, though it isn't as nice as the rest of the car. I don't think the canvas top has ever been down, and it fits superbly.

I think this is a wonderful $32-34,000 T-Bird that runs well and looks fantastic--heck, you couldn't restore one to this level for that price. We're looking for offers and the owner is motivated to sell!

More info and photos: Vintage Motor Cars :: 1955 Ford Thunderbird

Drop me a line or give me a call to learn more. Thanks!











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It looks like a very nice car! In you description you mention that the car has a leather interior. Are you sure about that? All early T-Birds were delivered from the factory with vinyl interiors. There are companies (Concours Auto Parts) that offer leather upholstery and other interior coverings. It this car has leather it would have been an upgrade over the original. I wouldn't want someone to think they were getting leather when it was really vinyl.

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Thanks, Lew. I bet it is vinyl, as it was done from a kit. It is impressively supple, though, and the owner kept calling it leather, but I'm inclined to agree with you. It's quite well done, overall.

Thanks for the info!

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