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Who are these thugs?

Barney Eaton

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This picture was posted on the Buick General forum.

If you own Buicks other than Reattas you may have already seen it, the picture was taken at the 2010 Bluebonnet meet and tour in Salado TX.

Can you name them?

If not go to this link.


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Guest Kitskaboodle

Buicks and Bluebonnets??

OK, I got the Buick part but the only blue bonnet I know of is the butter.

Or is it margarine? :)


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I'll give it a go.

The thugs I see is a Buick Electra on the right (circa 1968-69). I can't determine the car on the left (a '57 Special or Century??). The car in the middle looks like a 1959 Electra. But can't be certain as some old guys are blocking the view. :)

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Kit is from that western state that is about to slip off into the Pacific and has apparantly never been to Texas or listened to a country & western song.

Bluebonnets are the Texas state flower and are abundant in the spring, when this meet is held.

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I think I recognize two of the people and definitely know the guy in the white shirt. He should also be wearing a white hat as he provides us with lots of good advice.

My question is do they clean the Buick on the right with that mop and bucket?

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GOOD looking bunch of gents! how about some names for those of us that don't know? It's always great to put a name and face together, kinda puts in a sparkle while reading the threads!


Ok looking at the photo L to R

Roy Faries does all the registrations for the National meets

Barney Eaton Keeper of the Reatta data base and ex BCA board member

Mike Middleton owner of a great 55

Bill Stoneberg BCA board member

Willie Pittman Old tank on the forum

Dave Corbin Lots of knowledge in his head

Pete Phillips BCA Bugle editor in chief

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Hi padgett. Thanks for making my head hurt. Barney should also understand EBCDIC. Can it be when I was young I programmed a PDP8 in Octal and actually knew what I was doing? Too old to clearly recall and don’t want to think about it.

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Why the "w" instead of a "y"?

PDP-8 from memory: AND, TAD, ISZ, DCA, JMP, JMS, IOTs, microinstructions.

Now try it in EBCDIC.

In hex:

$ echo "Barnew Eaton" | dd conv=ebcdic 2>/dev/null | od -t x1 | cut -c9-

c2 81 99 95 85 a6 40 c5 81 a3 96 95 25

Hex to binary left as an excercise for the reader.

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