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Vin ID, need help, 1966 Skylark

Guest Ontario1966skylark

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Guest Ontario1966skylark

This is my first antique car. it is 80% restored, not all original. I am about to purchase a 1966 Buick Skylark and I was wondering if anyone can help me identify the car more by assisting me in explaining what features the following vin describes.




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Guest Jim_Edwards

VIN numbers do not reveal anything about trim, accessories, axle, etc. But there is apparently an error in your posting of the VIN number as It makes no sense for a '66 Skylark.

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The "4467" would be a model ID, as Skylark convertible, of which there were 6129 built that year. A V-8 car.

As for equipment, all that could be known is what the factory standard equipment was for that model in that model year. Past that, you'd need to find a readable build sheet somewhere (as in the seat springs with the seat removed, top of gas tank, etc.) in the car.

IF the 4467 is the accurate description of your vehicle, with that low production number situation, it would be FAR better to put it back completely stock--period. That's the way it'll be worth the most money so that any investment you might make in the restoration of the vehicle, you'll be more of it back . . . or make some.

The GM intermediates on that body series were pretty basic-engineering cars, in a good way. Each had their own unique style and customer base, which coincided with their parent division's orientation. Although the basic chassis and body shell ws determined "by others", each division made it their own with exterior body sheet metal, powertrain choices, and chassis tuning. They were good, durable cars with good styling and a nice "mid-size" size.

Other than the VIN, there should be a "Body Plate" somewhere on the cowl or firewall. It'll detail the paint code and interior color/fabric code. Then it would be back to the standard and optional equipment issues as to how the car was originally produced.

Please double-check the first half of the VIN. In general, the decode for the GM VIN from back then . . .

Place 1 Producing Division

Place 2 Model line

Place 3 Particular model designation

Place 4-5 Body type ("67" = convertible)

From there, the model year, the plant it came from, followed by the "sequence number" for where it was in the production line that year. But the 1-5 places nail down the basic model information.

Please let us know what you find.

Happy New Year!


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