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Intro and a few questions....

Guest Savin the unsavable

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Guest Savin the unsavable

Hello to all!

Thought I'd introduce myself being new to this forum. I'm Dane, live in Wisconsin, and now own 2 1941 Dodge Businessman Coupes and a newly acquired 1941 DeSoto 4dr.

I don't know very much about the mechanics of these cars, as the 2 Dodge Coupe are substantial projects. But, the Desoto on the other hand may not take much to get going.

That being said, I have been having a bit of a time finding information on the Desoto. I'd like to find out just exactly what I have here. It has a Fluid Drive, 15"wheels, and has the longer, draping tail light bezels.

I guess I'd like to find out what accessories on my car are correct and what has been added.

Are running boards standard? Trim rings in the wheels? I think my car has the wrong hubcaps, all I have seen on the 41's have the red dot in the center.....

Thanks for any info and or leads to the proper literature!


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Guest Savin the unsavable

I'd like to, but the car is in Nebraska, and I'm in Wisconsin.....guess I'll have to wait until spring

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