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AUTO PARTS identification sought


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Howdy and Happy New Year.

A few more auto parts could use a few descriptive words. Hipshots fine.

1. H V8 in triangle

2. Olde English 'A' in shield

3. sideways V 8

4. Rocket hood ornament

5. Brass cap

6. Gas cap

Not sure if no.5 is a wheel or radiator cap. 1. Hudson?

Oh well...hope I am not being too greedy here. Maybe it might be better to hire someone who can ID old automotive things for maybe some profit. There will be a boatload a comin. Scutcheons, head lamps, tail lights, brackets, horns, bulbs pumps, gadgets and gismos galore. over and out. mike







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The shield with the "A" is an aftermarket radiator cap monogram. The "high compression gas" cap is for a 1929 Chrysler, I believe. The external threaded cap looks to be a Model T accessory radiator cap.

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Wow, challenging stuff for us, will look forward to more.

I have no photo to prove it but the H8 makes me think Hupmobile late 1920s/early 1930s.

That V8 emblem does not look 1937 Ford to me, I wonder if maybe early 1950s Mopar?

When you post more give us a photo of the backside too, Todd C

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