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Have you ever tried to find the history of your car?


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I've been goofing around with digging up the past of my '65 Riv. I've been through nearly every inch of the car during my ownership. Hears what I've found. Purchased in Denver from Dean Buick by Avery K. Collins. I found an obituary for that name near Wichita in '92. My car had (still has) a water decal parking pass on the front bumper from Mc Connel Air Force Base (in Wichita) dated 1979. A park pass from the Sedgwick Co. Zoo (Wichita) from 1989 was still affixed to the windshield. Sometime in the '90s the car made it's way to Nevada MO.. Mr. Brown who owned a saddle co. in Nevada owned it at this time. I have reciepts for over $7600 spent on the car from '98-'99. Engine overhaul, new radiator, tranny rebuild etc.. The saddle co. moved to Oak Grove MO. (Near K.C.MO.). Next I found an insurance card from the Blacks from '04 in Independence MO. (near K.C.MO.). I have a phone # for them but I haven't called. I bought it '09 from a small car lot in my hometown of Buckner MO. I'd love to do a title search to see how close I am. Carfax is useless for older cars. There is probably 10 owners of the car who didn't leave relics in the car.

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I know the history of my '63 - I bought it from the original purchaser and he gave me all of his receipts as well as a maintenance log that he kept on the car. Sorry to say that while I was driving the car as a daily driver I wasn't quite as effecient as he was. I didn't list every oil change and tire rotation on the maintenance log. This one stay original right down to the window sticker that was part of the papers I got.

My '64 is a different story. I got a title from the seller. End of story. This one is for me to play with.


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