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Can an out-of-round rim be fixed?

Echo Robert

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Hello all,

I've found that when driving my 1928 Studebaker at around 30 mph or more results in a shudder from the front end. Upon further inspection, I've found that it seems the rim that the tire mounts to is out of shape - possibly bent. I've attached some pictures and have some questions:

1. As you can see in the pictures, there is a gap between the wheel and the mounting rim - and an equal gap on the opposite diameter. Is there anyway to 'bend' these reliably into shape?

2. If one can't bend it - I'm told this particular type of wheel came from a Ford car of the same vintage/time period in a recent restoration. Is there anyone out there that can confirm this from the pictures below? I can faintly read something imprinted into the wheel saying "Mfd by K___Y Hay Wheelcore Detroit Michagain. 20 x 6.00."

3. The reason for figuring out what type it is - maybe someone has a 'round' version of the rim who might want to sell it to me? Just needing one!

4. How do I take this type of rim apart? Do i pry the connection apart - or is there a special 'clincher' tool for this application?

thanks for your help!



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