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I recently saw a grey 89 that looked identical to mine for sale on ebay. It was a nice car but the main thing i noticed is he's the original owner and he showed it having the original keys with a buick keyless remote with 4 buttons. It had all the same options as my car just no sunroof. I know my car has a theft sticker on the driver window so I can suspect mine has the option for keyless also. Does anyone have remotes for sale? and if so is there a way to program them without taking them to the dealer? and do the cadillac or oldsmobile remotes work with this vehicle? they look the same.

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If you have the remote, reprogramming is easy:

Before starting this procedure, BOTH transmitters must be present.

Failure to use both transmitters will render the missing transmitter inoperative.

If the customer uses only one transmitter on the vehicle, use this transmitter as transmitter 1 and 2.

The entire reprogramming sequence must be completed within 30 seconds of grounding the connector. If the procedure is not completed, remove the ground at the connector and restart the procedure from step 1.

1. Ignition "ON"

2. Ground green single wire connector (located close to the ABS module in the trunk).

3. Wait for the door locks to lock and unlock (about 2 seconds)

4. Press the "unlock" button on the first transmitter twice (pauses for one second between presses)

5. Wait for door locks to lock and unlock (about 2 seconds)

6. Press the "unlock" button on the second transmitter twice (pause for one second between presses)

7. Wait for door locks to lock and unlock (about 2 seconds)

8. Remove ground from green connector

There are Oldsmobile remotes that looks the same. Those will work. I've got one somewhere around here if you're interested.

The Caddy remotes will also work. If I were you, I'd go with this one: 91 92 93 94 95 GM CADILLAC DEVILLE FLEETWOOD SEVILLE KEYLESS REMOTE FOB 10178734 | eBay

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It seems the Cadillac remotes work a little better than the Reatta remotes. One thing nicer about them is they have larger buttons but the overall physical size is the same. If you buy a Cadillac remote make sure it looks like the one pictured here.

I think I have some good used remotes and also one NOS Cadillac remote.

file pictures



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